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KineMaster – video post production on your phone

One of the best video editors on android. You can mix and blend multiple video time lines, add music and voice overs, text, overlays and the whole shebang. Export your final video at 4K quality too.

Developer: KineMaster Corporation
Category: Video Players & Editors
Google Play Rating: 4.5

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Amazon Fire stick – video streaming made simple

The 2017 version of the fire stick has a few surprises up its sleeve. As if a  library of movies to stream was not enough you can now find your favorite movie with your voice.

The fire stick remote now has a Alexa search button. You can also ask Alexa to dim the lights and lock the front door if you have some home automation in place.

(Note: Alexa is not yet officially launched in India, so India users can only search for movies, TV shows and apps)

Amazon Fire Stick
Maker: Amazon

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Discovery VR – virtual reality adventure of 360 videos

Being long time fans of Discovery videos and documentaries, we were waiting wanted to see 3D content and we were not disappointed. The VR app pulls in some great 360deg videos into an immersive VR experience. The videos are best experienced on google cardboard.  – TheAppCurators

Discover VR
Discovery VR
Developer: Discovery Communications
Category: Entertainment
Google play Rating: new app
Install from Google Play

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Fastcut – video shorts in minutes

Video shorts is the new rage on social media. Unlike photo editing, making great videos has always been in the realm of laptops and PCs, simply because of the number of step needed. First you get to shoot some great content, then snip it up into small usable chunks and squeeze as much action as possible into the smallest amount of time, well kind of.

Developer: Magix Software GmbH
Category: Media & Video
Google play Rating: 4
Install from Google Play

And then comes the process of adding nice background audio. Fastcut seems to do all this automatically with templates and a few simple steps. A must try app if you like shooting phone videos. – TheAppCurators Continue reading “Fastcut – video shorts in minutes”

Reverse Movie FX – magic video

Watch water go back into a glass, look at burning paper reconstruct itself. A very fun and entertaining app that records and plays video in reverse. There are a couple of options to choose video quality and add music tracks. The idea is so creative that there are tons of creative videos to dream about and then you can share video masterpieces on social networks. Nice app to fire up creativity and show off to friends and family. – TheAppCurators

Reverse Movie FX
Developer: Bizo Mobile
Category: Media & Video
Google play Rating: 4.6
Install from Google Play

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Challenged – social video challenges in beta

Want to challenge your friends to make their ugliest selifie or take a video of levitation in thin air? Challenged lets you do just that. A community of people challenging each other with creative video challenges. Challenged is still in beta but already has a big community of challengers. The app lets you browse, like and comment on challenges, of course you can always create a new challenge for friends and public to try out.

challenged Challenged – beta Developer: Social Bet Inc Category: Lifestyle Google play Rating: 4.9 Install from Google Play

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