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Music Speed Changer – change without affecting pitch

If you are wondering why on earth would you slow down a song, then this app is not for you. Budding musicians, especially the unconventional ones want to jam to their favorite song, but keeping up to a studio produced record is not easy.

Music Speed Changer
Developer: Single Minded Productions, LLC
Category: Music & Audio
Google Play Rating: 4.8

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AR Plan- Goodby measuring tapes

Measuring tapes are a thing of the past, how many times have wondered where you left that tape. You can’t find one when you need them most. A measurements ruler in your pocket is a great app to have, but the guys at Grymala have taken measurements to a completely new level.

AR Plan
Developer: Grymala
Category: Tools
Google Play Rating: 4.6

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Bouncer – Security Assistant

Have you wondered how an app got hold of your camera and then frantically searched the permissions list? We tend to review security permissions during install and then forget about it.

Developer: Sam Ruston
Category: Tools
Google Play Rating: 4.5

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SmartPlant – the plants and garden assistant

If you are an urban gardener with limited time and knowledge about plants you need help. You need to know which plants are prone to pests, the best best way to treat and prevent them.

Developer: SnappTech
Category: Lifestyle
Google Play Rating: 3.2

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KineMaster – video post production on your phone

One of the best video editors on android. You can mix and blend multiple video time lines, add music and voice overs, text, overlays and the whole shebang. Export your final video at 4K quality too.

Developer: KineMaster Corporation
Category: Video Players & Editors
Google Play Rating: 4.5

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SimpleMind – the art of mind mapping

The mind is a curious place with thoughts on everything that makes us what we are. The idea of mind mapping is to note down important ones and keep adding related ideas, tasks, links and just about any material to it. Mastering mind maps is less of a science and more of an art that is built up over experience.

SimplyMind brings mind mapping to mobile phones. Nothing could be more convenient than capturing thoughts as they occur.

Developer: ModelMaker Tools
Category: Productivity
Google Play Rating: 4.4

Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book

Remember spending hours with coloring books and crayons as kids? though we were not yet artists, we could definitely appreciate nice pictures. Coloring books are like the instant noodles of the art world, there’s a nice sketch with clear lines and all we have to do is fill it with color. And then show off the masterpiece to friends and family.

Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book
Developer: Blue Dream Apps
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 3.8

In a way the idea of relaxation for an adult is no different, we need an easy way to use creativity for a short burst of time. Enter adult coloring book with mesmerizing patterns and Zen like images. Fill those beautiful patterns and shapes with colors, each one could take 15 minutes and you can then sit back and appreciate your creativity with a pat on your back.

Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book is one such app. Choose from a wide variety of sketches from owls, dreamland to patterns. Select a color palette and touch an area to fill. There’s an undo button to back track. It’s simple and fun. We give it a thumbs up and must try.

– TheAppCurators

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Channels – A social bulletin board with geo tags

Channels brings a unique social experience to localized information. A channel is a stream of information about a place, event or just about any topic with added geo tags.

Like a social bulletin board for people having common interests in a place or just any topic with information and snippets. Imagine wanting to visit a ballgame and running through the channel to see people posting about tickets, maybe some player selfies and latest parking updates anybody?

Developer: Renaissance Labs
Category: Social
Google Play Rating: 4.0
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