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Antisocial – How much social is enough?

There’s a growing feeling that the use of social apps has crossed the limits of being beneficial into becoming harmful. What if you wanted to reduce your quick peeks into facebook and twitter messages, who is going to keep a watch for you. Enter the antisocial, an app that keeps living on your phone and watch your usage.

Developer: Bugbean Pty Ltd
Category: Productivity
Google Play Rating: 4.0

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Channels – A social bulletin board with geo tags

Channels brings a unique social experience to localized information. A channel is a stream of information about a place, event or just about any topic with added geo tags.

Like a social bulletin board for people having common interests in a place or just any topic with information and snippets. Imagine wanting to visit a ballgame and running through the channel to see people posting about tickets, maybe some player selfies and latest parking updates anybody?

Developer: Renaissance Labs
Category: Social
Google Play Rating: 4.0
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Hello Pal – speak a foreign language in minutes

If you’re like most people you barely have time to learn one language, but you would pick up a new language if you could learn on the go. Hello Pal brings in realtime learning by helping you chat with users across the world in audio clips.

Hello Pal
Developer: Hello Pal
Category: Social
Google play Rating: new app
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Reverse Movie FX – magic video

Watch water go back into a glass, look at burning paper reconstruct itself. A very fun and entertaining app that records and plays video in reverse. There are a couple of options to choose video quality and add music tracks. The idea is so creative that there are tons of creative videos to dream about and then you can share video masterpieces on social networks. Nice app to fire up creativity and show off to friends and family. – TheAppCurators

Reverse Movie FX
Developer: Bizo Mobile
Category: Media & Video
Google play Rating: 4.6
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Challenged – social video challenges in beta

Want to challenge your friends to make their ugliest selifie or take a video of levitation in thin air? Challenged lets you do just that. A community of people challenging each other with creative video challenges. Challenged is still in beta but already has a big community of challengers. The app lets you browse, like and comment on challenges, of course you can always create a new challenge for friends and public to try out.

challenged Challenged – beta Developer: Social Bet Inc Category: Lifestyle Google play Rating: 4.9 Install from Google Play

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