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Cozi Family Organizer

If there was such a thing as a family huddle, Cozi comes pretty close. Theres a bunch of planning and scheduling ideas in the app. You can add family members, plan events and manage shared todo lists. For example the schedule view Lets you plan who will pick the children from soccer, which day is jam-packed with too much activity and the likes. A journal to keep track of events with pictures. Shopping and todo lists that are shared with your family. Cozi is a handy and practical utility app if you’re into being organized and keeping track of everything that goes on in a family. – TheAppCurators

Cozi Family Organizer
Developer: Cozi
Category: Productivity
Google play Rating: new app
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Canvas Business Apps & Forms

Every business be it small or large needs to gather information. Be it a freelancer or storefront, Canvas app offers a neat way to build forms and collect information. There are tons of prebuilt forms to get you started and you can capture images, barcodes and signatures too. We think it’s a great productivity tool for small businesses and freelancers to capture information. Do note it’s tied to their cloud service and its a paid app.  – TheAppCurators

Canvas Business Apps & Forms
Developer: Canvas Solutions, Inc.
Category: Productivity
Google play Rating: 4.3
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Easy Voice Recorder

If you’re like most people you’d need to capture meeting discussions, interview conversations and not to forget the case when you need to spy on somebody to save the world.  Easy Voice Recorder does just that, turn it on, leave it in your shirt pocket or put it on the table, you get to capture a whole lot of discussions and collaboration conversations. Most important for long speech recordings is high compression to save memory, this app supports AMR and a few other codecs for high compression and audio quality control. Must have tool for people who talk to people, one thing we missed is recording phone calls unless its hidden somewhere. – TheAppCurators

Easy Voice Recorder
Developer: Digipom
Category: Business
Google play Rating: 4.2
Install from Google Play

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MiniBee Database & List Maker

A swiff knife of a productivity tool and a small database for phones

minibeeMinibee Developer: SlidingBits
Category: Productivity
Google play Rating: 3.5
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MiniBee database and list maker for on the road productivity. Capture and organize information in tables. Store anything from movie lists, images to customer information on your phone. Simple freeform text searches and much more.

Ready templates for every task
– Store a zillion things like todo lists, home inventory, product catalogs
– capture travel expenses, fitness logs, workout logs, vehicle mileage
– Build a database catalog of your books, movies, DVD, and blue ray collections

Build your own custom database schema
– Create database tables and schema
– 8 different datatypes like numbers, text, images
– Capture images directly from camera
– Support for dropdown fields

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