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The Line Zen

Zen like simplicity at first looks builds up into a maze of brain challenges and activity as the game progresses. You are a dot living in a world of geometric shapes and an ever progressing maze. As you discover that the simple shapes that obstruct your progress through the maze can actually be manipulated to your advantage, The game starts getting addictive and fires your creative juices at the same time. – TheAppCurators

The Line Zen
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Google play Rating: 4.0
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An unusual physics education app that lets you play with electromagnetic fields, simulated offcourse. Eyecandy for most but a deep learning experience for the physics fan. Dragging charges create an mesmerizingly complex flow of fields. Fun and thought provoking – TheAppCurators

Developer: Platonic Sphere
Category: Education
Google play Rating: new app
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