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Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book

Remember spending hours with coloring books and crayons as kids? though we were not yet artists, we could definitely appreciate nice pictures. Coloring books are like the instant noodles of the art world, there’s a nice sketch with clear lines and all we have to do is fill it with color. And then show off the masterpiece to friends and family.

Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book
Developer: Blue Dream Apps
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 3.8

In a way the idea of relaxation for an adult is no different, we need an easy way to use creativity for a short burst of time. Enter adult coloring book with mesmerizing patterns and Zen like images. Fill those beautiful patterns and shapes with colors, each one could take 15 minutes and you can then sit back and appreciate your creativity with a pat on your back.

Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book is one such app. Choose from a wide variety of sketches from owls, dreamland to patterns. Select a color palette and touch an area to fill. There’s an undo button to back track. It’s simple and fun. We give it a thumbs up and must try.

– TheAppCurators

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Bluelight Filter – do phone screens affect sleep pattern ?

The answer to that is a resounding yes. All those gadgets that we tend to use emit more light in the blue end of the visible spectrum, which is proven to have an effect on sleep pattern. So is there a way around? thankfully there are a few apps that apply a filter on the overall display and reduce blue light.

Blue light filters are must have apps for late night reading and texting. Of course you can turn them off in the mornings when the light levels do not matter. We’ve been using Bluelight Filter for months now and heartily recommend it as a simple addon to protect your eyes. Think of them as the digital equivalent of wearing sunglasses. – TheAppCurators

Bluelight Filter
Developer: Hardy-infinity
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 4.3

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Pixiz – easy photo effects and filter

If you just returned with a boatload of pictures from your vacation, Pixiz will help you add a few quick filters and effects to share memories with your friends and family. There are a number of photo editing apps and Pixiz is all about selecting a predefined combination of frames effects and filters for quick sharing.  Give it a try if you enjoy twiddling with photos, Pixiz aims to provide instant gratification. – TheAppCurators

Category: Photography
Google Play Rating: 4.7

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PHHHOTO – shoot dynamic animated photos

Phhhoto, no thats not spellcheck gone bad, PHHHOTO is a unique photography app to shoot animated photos like those quirky gifs floating around on the internet. The pictures don’t take up too much space like videos but at the same time capture the dynamism of the moment. A kind of fun and cool combination of movement and photography. Try it out on your social media community.  – TheAppCurators

Developer: PHHHOTO INC.
Category: Social
Google Play Rating: 4.5
Download from Google Play

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Facetune – photo touchups for those selfies

Who doesn’t like magazine quality cover photos of ourselves, but what about the dark circles around those eyes? or that zit that came up yesterday. Facetune takes care of photoshop quality touchups on a phone or tablet. Easy to use and impressive. – TheAppCurators

Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
Category: Photography
Google play Rating: 4.4
Install from Google Play

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Focus – photo organizer and viewer

If you snap a lot of pictures on your phone, the question is are you good enough at finding them again? Focus lets you tag, organize and view pictures. A nice replacement for the default image gallery. The app also lets you view image details and password protect private photos.  Simple and useful, try it out. – TheAppCurators

Developer: Francisco Franco
Category: Media & Video
Google play Rating: 4.2
Install from Google Play

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Seene – lifelike 3D photos on phone

Ever wanted to peek around a photo, or take lifelike 3D photos that pop out of your phone. Seene lets you capture multiple angles of a scene and then other people can see a picture from any angle in 3D. If you had a viewmaster as a kid, Seene is the app to relive those moments, but the pictures are your own and not that of mickey mouse.

Developer: Seene
Category: Photography
Google play Rating: 3.9
Install from Google Play

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Reverse Movie FX – magic video

Watch water go back into a glass, look at burning paper reconstruct itself. A very fun and entertaining app that records and plays video in reverse. There are a couple of options to choose video quality and add music tracks. The idea is so creative that there are tons of creative videos to dream about and then you can share video masterpieces on social networks. Nice app to fire up creativity and show off to friends and family. – TheAppCurators

Reverse Movie FX
Developer: Bizo Mobile
Category: Media & Video
Google play Rating: 4.6
Install from Google Play

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