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Player FM Podcast app

Podcasts continue to grow with great topics and non-mainstream media information. The podcasting revolution opened up many interesting  podcasts and topics that are difficult to keep track. Player FM does a great job of helping to  discover new podcasts with a podcasts directory and in staying subscribed to a show.

A beautiful curated catalog of podcasts presented in material design make it a breeze to find your favorite show or host.

Player FM
Developer: Player FM
Category: News & Magazines
Google play Rating: 4.3
Install from Google Play

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Night Sky Lite

A comprehensive star-gazer companion, Night sky lite goes beyond sky maps. For the casual astronomer and hobbyist there is the usual GPS based sky maps. Then we have a weather guide which gives a nice heads up about weather and visibility, a nice timeline and calendar view to pick the best times for stargazing.

As you step into more serious astronomy, this tiny app has some very innovative tools like the The light spectrum guide to help you find celestial objects based on light wavelength and expected visibility.

Night Sky Lite
Developer: iCandi Apps
Category: Books & Reference
Google play Rating: 4 stars
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Spaceman – kids casual game for this weekend

A kiddies game meant for 3+ children. The idea is to get spaceman from one planet to another by making space jumps and gathering coins and goodies on the way.  There’s a hint of a popular bird game in the game play and a touch of kids game like simplicity. Give it a try if you have children around. – TheAppCurators

Developer: 01 Technosys
Category: Arcade
Google play Rating: new app
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The Line Zen

Zen like simplicity at first looks builds up into a maze of brain challenges and activity as the game progresses. You are a dot living in a world of geometric shapes and an ever progressing maze. As you discover that the simple shapes that obstruct your progress through the maze can actually be manipulated to your advantage, The game starts getting addictive and fires your creative juices at the same time. – TheAppCurators

The Line Zen
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Google play Rating: 4.0
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Dizappear – time sensitive smart messaging

An unusual communication app where you can leave messages that will self destruct, or send secure private messages to your contacts. The app lets you create messages that can be read once, add expiry time or simple send private messages that can be read only by your preferred contacts. Dizappear is relatively new on the app store but very interesting. So if you have secret message that needs to be destroyed after reading or an important tipoff that will expire in a few moments, Dizappear seems to be the right tool – TheAppCurators

Developer: Dizappear Inc.
Category: Communication
Google play Rating: 5 stars
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Cozi Family Organizer

If there was such a thing as a family huddle, Cozi comes pretty close. Theres a bunch of planning and scheduling ideas in the app. You can add family members, plan events and manage shared todo lists. For example the schedule view Lets you plan who will pick the children from soccer, which day is jam-packed with too much activity and the likes. A journal to keep track of events with pictures. Shopping and todo lists that are shared with your family. Cozi is a handy and practical utility app if you’re into being organized and keeping track of everything that goes on in a family. – TheAppCurators

Cozi Family Organizer
Developer: Cozi
Category: Productivity
Google play Rating: new app
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Music Studio – free music sequencer

A new app on the play store for hobbyists and casual music makers. The idea is simple enough to be picked up by anybody. You can create a series of patterns using drums, bass and synth lines with 120 sample sounds. These patterns can eventually become a full piece of music. Very innovative user interface with glowing neon lines and retro looks. There are few music making apps on android as compared to competition, and Music Studio seems to be a good start for a new music making app – TheAppCurators

Music Studio
Developer: Horizon Entertainment Apps
Category: Music & Audio
Google play Rating: 4 stars
Install from Google Play

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CleanSwell – A global movement to keep oceans and beaches clean

If you live close to the ocean and take walks or swims, make sure you join the community to preserve our oceans and beaches. One of the banes of modernization is the amount of trash we generate and despite best efforts by authorities we have beach litter and trash in our oceans. So do your bit, even if its just 2 pieces of soda cans off the beach or water that counts too. Cleanswell lets you tracks your contribution in making our beaches and oceans cleaner. Check out for complete information and if you’re ready to be part of it dont miss this app. – TheAppCurators

Developer: Clean Swell
Category: Productivity
Google play Rating: 5 stars
Install from Google Play

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ImperiHome home automation on android

We all love our smart homes with programmable lights, intelligent garage doors, automatic coffee machines and intelligent thermostats. But all of these IOT devices come with a host of controllers. ImperiHome works with a majority of these and gives you a neat app to control them all. This is not a review and we have not played much with the app, but very promising features and free to try makes them worthy of a mention on our blog – TheAppCurators

Developer: Evertygo
Category: Lifestyle
Google play Rating: 4.4
Install from Google Play

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