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Spaceman – kids casual game for this weekend

A kiddies game meant for 3+ children. The idea is to get spaceman from one planet to another by making space jumps and gathering coins and goodies on the way.  There’s a hint of a popular bird game in the game play and a touch of kids game like simplicity. Give it a try if you have children around. – TheAppCurators

Developer: 01 Technosys
Category: Arcade
Google play Rating: new app
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ABC Learning Games for Kids

This preschool educational app should keep young preschoolers occupied for hours in a day. What sets it apart is the wide range of activities from linguistics to color and draw. A young mind needs a variety of busy activities mixed with learning and this little app does it all. Its definetely fun for a teacher or parent to work with a child along with the app. There’s an ABC song, pattern matching, mini games and a few other activities. Hit the link below and try it out. – TheAppCurators

ABC Learning Games for Kids
Developer: 01 Technosys
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.9
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