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ArtRage Sketch, Draw, Paint

Whether you dabble in sketch or paint masterpieces, ArtRage is one of the best apps around. If you use a tablet then this is a must have. It’s a paid app but probably the most value you can get out of a painting tool.

Since the app is meant for artists, a lot of thought seems to have gone into the unconventional interface. Icons and tools that hide away to give you more canvas area, small details like watercolor spreading based on wetness and a knife tool reacting to pressure are what really sets

Developer: Ambient Design Ltd.
Category: Entertainment
Google play Rating: 4.4
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App Locker – security for apps

Ever wanted to protect some secret files or apps from prying eyes, this app does just that. Set a password and select apps to secured and they’re safe. Unfortunately the devs have moved on to a new app called ‘Privacy Holder‘ But we find the older AppLocker to be more usable at the moment. So get it while it is still out there. – TheAppCurators

App Locker
Developer: FreeJoyApps
Category: Tools
Google play Rating: 4.4
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App Locker

The perfect little security tool to secure apps, photos and videos. Really useful if yur phone is used by multiple people in the family like kids and spouse.


Etsy – handmade crafts & goods

At some point everybody gets bored with buying the same mass-produced look and feel offered in retail stores. Etsy brings a breath of fresh air for shopping different. Handmade goods and arts from across the world was never more accessible, get to know the maker or person better, understand their inspirations and then check their handmade offerings. A nice community of makers and craftsy buyers make Etsy really unique.  – TheAppCurators

Developer: Etsy, Inc
Category: Shopping
Google play Rating: new app
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Fancy – amazing stuff to shop

There are times when window shopping is more gratifying than actually buying something and Fancy brings in the most amazing stuff from across the world to gawk at.

It’s really hard not to buy things on Fancy except for the fear of busting your wallet. There’s a high emphasis on practicality and great design for every item curated by Fancy. A nice community of shoppers with an eye for detail and design is what the app brings you. From exotic tomato achar to the fanciest of roof hung beds, they have it all.

Developer: thingd
Category: Shopping
Google play Rating: 4.2
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Comics Mask – selfies with your comic heroes?

Every wanted a picture with your favorite comic characters? Comics Mask helps you get one. You can pick a favorite picture and replace your team and friend pictures with comic character heads and just about any other sticker.

Though the idea sounds like a simple cut and paste job, the resize and rotate options along with a good collections of stickers and character as well make the picture look really authentic We were really impressed with the smooth operations and the way the stickers gel into the picture.

Comics Mask
Developer: Keyspice
Category: Comics
Google play Rating: new app
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Stop Motion Studio – make your own animation

Over the last decade stop motion animation has made big inroads into feature-length movies like  Chicken Run and Fantastic Mr.Fox. What if you wanted to make a short of your own without a big movie budget. There’s an app for that! Stop Motion Studio lets you shoot your own animated adventure or short.

You’ll need a tripod and a fixture for your phone and then its as simple as hitting the record button. As the director inside you starts to shine the app lets you add layers and effects, imagine  static background and a moving layer of fish.

Stop Motion Studio
Developer: Cateater
Category: photography
Google play Rating: 3.8
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Radio FM – Streaming FM radio

As technology advances there are not many radios left but FM talk radio and music channels remain a favorite. There is nothing better than a carefully selected juke box of music played for you with little bit of RJ chatter. Radio FM brings that to your phone.

A beautiful catalogue like gallery allows you to browse popular radio channels from across countries. There is a neat and simple interface to discover new stations by genre, mood and a few other filters.

Radio FM
Developer: Tasmanic Editions
Category: Music & Audio
Google play Rating: 3.8
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Lenka – black & white art camera

The world we live in is so filled with incredible colors, oversaturated displays and huge screens that the art of simple inspiring black and white photography is almost forgotten.

The play of shadows and light is something that most photographers miss out because of the huge settings and tweaks available on most camera apps. Lenka is a black & white photography app that’s dedicated for a purpose.

Developer: ABOSCH
Category: Photography
Google play Rating: 4.3
Install from Google Play

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Stellio Music Player

Digital music and mp3 have been around for ages, Yet ask an audiophile about the quality of music playback and there’s always a smirk. Android music and media players have matured to a point of wiping that smirk off. Stellio leads the pack with a huge amount of customizations. Starting from the 12 band eq all the way to special effects like reverb and flange. Stellio brings the experience and playback quality of expensive music equipment into the phone with these tweaks.

Stellio Music player
Developer: Stellio Team
Category: Music & Audio
Google play Rating: 4.6
Install from Google Play

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