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Visions of the near future

A collection of talks and keynotes that paint a bright picture of whats coming in the near future. These thoughts from industry leaders give us a glimpse of where our technology giants want to take us. Continue reading “Visions of the near future”

Sky Castle 2 – A beautiful graphics demo

Imagine walking through a beautiful castle in the sky with moving piano music, thats what Sky castle 2 is all about. Its a graphics demo that stretches your phones limits, but surprisingly it gave us good framerate of 40+ even on low end phones.

Sky Castle 2
Developer: Kim Stockton
Category: Arcade
Google Play Rating: 4.2

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Farmfirst India

The agriculture business community in India is probably at the bottom of the list for innovative technology uses, But Farmfirst wants to change that. Farmfirst aims to connect the buyer and seller of Agriculture produce.

The trusted marketplace is an online community of wholesale agriculture products sellers and buyers.

Farmfirst India
Developer: Farmfirst india
Category: Business
Google play Rating: new app
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