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Google Cardboard

The best VR apps for google cardboard

2016 will be the coming of age for Virtual Reality with loads of hardware and apps in the making. VR was once confined to labs and geekdom, fortunately Google cardboard made virtual reality accessible to everyone in 2015.

What better way to end the year than building a list of the best VR apps of 2015.

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Titans of space – VR tour of the solar system

It’s time to redfine what ‘armchair traveller’ means. If a coffee table book with gorgeous photo spreads was your idea of armchair traveling, you should try a VR headset. Google cardboard literally brought VR to everybody’s living room with a simple idea and app publishers have been busy building some mesmerizing content.

Titans of Space goes beyond the usual 360degree panoramas to bring you a guided tour of the entire solar system, complete with a space traveling armchair or cockpit. Gazing at endless space below our glass cockpit gave us some serious chills.

Titans of Space
Developer: DrashVR LLC
Category: Educational
Google Play Rating: 4.5
Download from Google Play

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Discovery VR – virtual reality adventure of 360 videos

Being long time fans of Discovery videos and documentaries, we were waiting wanted to see 3D content and we were not disappointed. The VR app pulls in some great 360deg videos into an immersive VR experience. The videos are best experienced on google cardboard.  – TheAppCurators

Discover VR
Discovery VR
Developer: Discovery Communications
Category: Entertainment
Google play Rating: new app
Install from Google Play

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Seene – lifelike 3D photos on phone

Ever wanted to peek around a photo, or take lifelike 3D photos that pop out of your phone. Seene lets you capture multiple angles of a scene and then other people can see a picture from any angle in 3D. If you had a viewmaster as a kid, Seene is the app to relive those moments, but the pictures are your own and not that of mickey mouse.

Developer: Seene
Category: Photography
Google play Rating: 3.9
Install from Google Play

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VR Cosmic Roller Coaster – For Google Cardboard

If you have Google Cardboard handy get ready for a wild ride through space. You start off with a gentle drift into a vibrant nebula like cloud and then the ride picks up speed as you whizz past Saturn, earth and couple of interesting cosmic creations. The soundtrack is must for immersion, so make sure your headphones are plugged in.

VR Cosmic Roller Coaster
Developer: Raiz
Category: Simulation
Google play Rating: 4.0
Install from Google Play

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Cardboard Design Lab – immersive virtual reality

Virtual reality and new media experiences have been catching on like wildfire since Facebook got interested in Oculus Rift. The drawback of the Oculus promise has been the non availability of the device and potentially high cost.

Google set out to solve that problem with Google Cardboard, all you need is a 5 inch phone and some patience to cutout and build your own cardboard, well if you are running short on time you can buy a ready-made one too. Dont be misled by the simplicity, it’s quite an immersive experience.

Cardboard Design Lab
Developer: Google Inc.
Category: Libraries & Demo
Google Play Rating: 4.7
Install from Google Play

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