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SkEye Astronomy

One of the best sky maps on the play store. Out from nowhere we have SkEye taking the crown away from the now seemingly abandoned google skymap. SkEye works best with a telescope and patience for stargazing, but curious folks can still try to spot bright objects with their eyes too. If you’re into astronomy or have kids around that need help with the skies, this app is like google maps for the skies. Check it out its pretty accurate and enough settings to keep the maps and labels unobtrusiveĀ  on dark nights. – TheAppCurators

SkEye Astronomy
Developer: Harshad RJ
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.3
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An unusual physics education app that lets you play with electromagnetic fields, simulated offcourse. Eyecandy for most but a deep learning experience for the physics fan. Dragging charges create an mesmerizingly complex flow of fields. Fun and thought provoking – TheAppCurators

Developer: Platonic Sphere
Category: Education
Google play Rating: new app
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ABC Learning Games for Kids

This preschool educational app should keep young preschoolers occupied for hours in a day. What sets it apart is the wide range of activities from linguistics to color and draw. A young mind needs a variety of busy activities mixed with learning and this little app does it all. Its definetely fun for a teacher or parent to work with a child along with the app. There’s an ABC song, pattern matching, mini games and a few other activities. Hit the link below and try it out. – TheAppCurators

ABC Learning Games for Kids
Developer: 01 Technosys
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.9
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