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MalMath – solving algebra in seconds

Ever since the calculator was invented we are used to punching buttons and getting out results. What if you were asked you to describe the steps to solve a problem? Malmath comes to your rescue. A simple scientific calculator like interface to feed in equations, algebra, trigonometry and the app can come up with the steps to solve a problem. – TheAppCurators

Developer: MalMath
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.6
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Discovery VR – virtual reality adventure of 360 videos

Being long time fans of Discovery videos and documentaries, we were waiting wanted to see 3D content and we were not disappointed. The VR app pulls in some great 360deg videos into an immersive VR experience. The videos are best experienced on google cardboard.  – TheAppCurators

Discover VR
Discovery VR
Developer: Discovery Communications
Category: Entertainment
Google play Rating: new app
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TED – inspiring, fascinating, remarkable talks

TED Talks really do not need an introduction, but we thought of mentioning the app for the few who have not tried it yet. A great collection of inspiring, fascinating talks and topics from remarkable people. Allows offline watching of videos if you have boring long commutes. A nice curated list of topics and talks to guide you.

Developer: TED Conferences LLC
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.5
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Hello Pal – speak a foreign language in minutes

If you’re like most people you barely have time to learn one language, but you would pick up a new language if you could learn on the go. Hello Pal brings in realtime learning by helping you chat with users across the world in audio clips.

Hello Pal
Developer: Hello Pal
Category: Social
Google play Rating: new app
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ArtRage Sketch, Draw, Paint

Whether you dabble in sketch or paint masterpieces, ArtRage is one of the best apps around. If you use a tablet then this is a must have. It’s a paid app but probably the most value you can get out of a painting tool.

Since the app is meant for artists, a lot of thought seems to have gone into the unconventional interface. Icons and tools that hide away to give you more canvas area, small details like watercolor spreading based on wetness and a knife tool reacting to pressure are what really sets

Developer: Ambient Design Ltd.
Category: Entertainment
Google play Rating: 4.4
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VR Cosmic Roller Coaster – For Google Cardboard

If you have Google Cardboard handy get ready for a wild ride through space. You start off with a gentle drift into a vibrant nebula like cloud and then the ride picks up speed as you whizz past Saturn, earth and couple of interesting cosmic creations. The soundtrack is must for immersion, so make sure your headphones are plugged in.

VR Cosmic Roller Coaster
Developer: Raiz
Category: Simulation
Google play Rating: 4.0
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Cardboard Design Lab – immersive virtual reality

Virtual reality and new media experiences have been catching on like wildfire since Facebook got interested in Oculus Rift. The drawback of the Oculus promise has been the non availability of the device and potentially high cost.

Google set out to solve that problem with Google Cardboard, all you need is a 5 inch phone and some patience to cutout and build your own cardboard, well if you are running short on time you can buy a ready-made one too. Dont be misled by the simplicity, it’s quite an immersive experience.

Cardboard Design Lab
Developer: Google Inc.
Category: Libraries & Demo
Google Play Rating: 4.7
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Night Sky Lite

A comprehensive star-gazer companion, Night sky lite goes beyond sky maps. For the casual astronomer and hobbyist there is the usual GPS based sky maps. Then we have a weather guide which gives a nice heads up about weather and visibility, a nice timeline and calendar view to pick the best times for stargazing.

As you step into more serious astronomy, this tiny app has some very innovative tools like the The light spectrum guide to help you find celestial objects based on light wavelength and expected visibility.

Night Sky Lite
Developer: iCandi Apps
Category: Books & Reference
Google play Rating: 4 stars
Install from Google Play

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The Line Zen

Zen like simplicity at first looks builds up into a maze of brain challenges and activity as the game progresses. You are a dot living in a world of geometric shapes and an ever progressing maze. As you discover that the simple shapes that obstruct your progress through the maze can actually be manipulated to your advantage, The game starts getting addictive and fires your creative juices at the same time. – TheAppCurators

The Line Zen
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Google play Rating: 4.0
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