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curated – discover curated web content – curated web, gets into open beta.
The web is full of amazing products, articles, apps and content. Finding all the best things for a topic like astronomy or cycling is a hit or miss depending on how much time people are willing to spend going through search and evaluating content.
We found curated collections to be useful, if nothing a curated collection serves as a starting point for further search and discovery. We started off Briteli to curate the best content for a few selected topics based on popular web trends and people around us. A typical topic like photography will have the best (surely subjective) apps, articles and content chosen by our curators.
Give it a spin and let us know what you think.
Web version:

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Tenreads – 10 must read articles every day

Among the mindless catchy headlines and news articles, keeping up with interesting news is an effort in itself. Tenreads brings us ten must read curated articles from across the web in a digest format. There are options for categories and a good selection of topics.The app has potential and they are still in beta, well worth a try. – TheAppCurators

Developer: Likewyss, Inc.
Category: News & Magazines
Google play Rating: new app
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TED – inspiring, fascinating, remarkable talks

TED Talks really do not need an introduction, but we thought of mentioning the app for the few who have not tried it yet. A great collection of inspiring, fascinating talks and topics from remarkable people. Allows offline watching of videos if you have boring long commutes. A nice curated list of topics and talks to guide you.

Developer: TED Conferences LLC
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.5
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Fancy – amazing stuff to shop

There are times when window shopping is more gratifying than actually buying something and Fancy brings in the most amazing stuff from across the world to gawk at.

It’s really hard not to buy things on Fancy except for the fear of busting your wallet. There’s a high emphasis on practicality and great design for every item curated by Fancy. A nice community of shoppers with an eye for detail and design is what the app brings you. From exotic tomato achar to the fanciest of roof hung beds, they have it all.

Developer: thingd
Category: Shopping
Google play Rating: 4.2
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