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Titans of space – VR tour of the solar system

It’s time to redfine what ‘armchair traveller’ means. If a coffee table book with gorgeous photo spreads was your idea of armchair traveling, you should try a VR headset. Google cardboard literally brought VR to everybody’s living room with a simple idea and app publishers have been busy building some mesmerizing content.

Titans of Space goes beyond the usual 360degree panoramas to bring you a guided tour of the entire solar system, complete with a space traveling armchair or cockpit. Gazing at endless space below our glass cockpit gave us some serious chills.

Titans of Space
Developer: DrashVR LLC
Category: Educational
Google Play Rating: 4.5
Download from Google Play

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Astronomy apps on android for stargazers

The magic of the stars never ceases to amaze us. Whether you are an astronomer or a casual stargazer, spending hours on cold winter nights staring at the sky is a world wide phenomenon.

Earlier we used to turn to books and printed sky maps to find our way across the night skies. We now have technology aiding us to locate any object or constellation in the sky. Even learning about astronomy has become more fun and easier with apps. Here is a list of the finest android apps for astronomy and stargazing.

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android app collections
android app collections

VR Cosmic Roller Coaster – For Google Cardboard

If you have Google Cardboard handy get ready for a wild ride through space. You start off with a gentle drift into a vibrant nebula like cloud and then the ride picks up speed as you whizz past Saturn, earth and couple of interesting cosmic creations. The soundtrack is must for immersion, so make sure your headphones are plugged in.

VR Cosmic Roller Coaster
Developer: Raiz
Category: Simulation
Google play Rating: 4.0
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Night Sky Lite

A comprehensive star-gazer companion, Night sky lite goes beyond sky maps. For the casual astronomer and hobbyist there is the usual GPS based sky maps. Then we have a weather guide which gives a nice heads up about weather and visibility, a nice timeline and calendar view to pick the best times for stargazing.

As you step into more serious astronomy, this tiny app has some very innovative tools like the The light spectrum guide to help you find celestial objects based on light wavelength and expected visibility.

Night Sky Lite
Developer: iCandi Apps
Category: Books & Reference
Google play Rating: 4 stars
Install from Google Play

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SkEye Astronomy

One of the best sky maps on the play store. Out from nowhere we have SkEye taking the crown away from the now seemingly abandoned google skymap. SkEye works best with a telescope and patience for stargazing, but curious folks can still try to spot bright objects with their eyes too. If you’re into astronomy or have kids around that need help with the skies, this app is like google maps for the skies. Check it out its pretty accurate and enough settings to keep the maps and labels unobtrusive¬† on dark nights. – TheAppCurators

SkEye Astronomy
Developer: Harshad RJ
Category: Education
Google play Rating: 4.3
Install from Google Play

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