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Atmosphere – build your own audio soundscape

What if you could build your own audio soundscape to soothe your mind. Think of a yoga session by the ocean, turn on the ocean waves add some faint flute playing in the background and you could drift into serenity in minutes.

Developer: Peak Pocket Studios
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 4.5

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Astronomy apps on android for stargazers

The magic of the stars never ceases to amaze us. Whether you are an astronomer or a casual stargazer, spending hours on cold winter nights staring at the sky is a world wide phenomenon.

Earlier we used to turn to books and printed sky maps to find our way across the night skies. We now have technology aiding us to locate any object or constellation in the sky. Even learning about astronomy has become more fun and easier with apps. Here is a list of the finest android apps for astronomy and stargazing.

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(Mind you the experience is even more awesome on the Briteli app)

android app collections
android app collections

9 awesome reading apps for ebooks, news and RSS feeds

reading apps for android
reading just never went out of fashion

One thing that never seems to go out of fashion since the Gutenberg press is reading. Even in the modern age of screen lust reading has transitioned smoothly to its digital form. Though ebook readers and apps have never completely replaced the printed book, they still occupy a slot in a commuters bag or in a travel kit. We rounded up the best reading apps for android called the ‘reading list’. Whether you read news or literature there is an app to give you the best experience. We have been building these app collections for different interest areas on

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(Mind you the experience is even more awesome on the Briteli app)

android app collections
android app collections

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