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Music for audiophiles – Vol 3

After the break we are back with next set of must listen music as we all continue to stay home and safe. We always try to pick music that’s more enjoyable than just technically perfect recordings. So if you’re not into pop, country and folk, this list might let you down.

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Audio Technica MSR7b – Balanced sound

If the MX series was leaning towards bass, the Audio Technica MSR7b is all about striking the right balance. Rich detailed sound with a mild U signature that sounds near reference quality but pleasing to the ears. Read on for full review

Audio Technica MSR7B
Audio Technica MSR7B

Balanced reference quality with Rich details

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Music for audiophiles – Vol 2

Here’s the next volume of great sounding music for your ears and audio gear.

This week we pick classic pop, the latest country licks and an orchestral score that pushes the limits of your headphones and DAC AMPs while still sounding great. Of course good music is always subjective but here’s our picks

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Kinera IDUN – All day IEMs

IDUN name is particularly strange for a audio product, but effectively adds more mystery. It seems IDUN is a Norse goddess of youth and rejuvenation.


audiophile quality earphones that don’t bust your pocket

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Music for audiophiles – Vol 1

Of what use is audiophile Hi-Fi equipment if you can’t find good music to listen to.

This week we look at listen worthy music, some old and some new. The definition of good music is subjective but this what we have been listening to from a wide variety of genres. Continue reading “Music for audiophiles – Vol 1”

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