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Do large screen phones mean more productivity?

We’ve been small screen fans for ages until one of us started commuting longer distances on public transport.

Though buses and trains take the traffic stress out of your life we are left with a small void of time to fill with something other than commute noise and radio chatter. Its the perfect time to reflect on the day and priorities, or take some time to chalk out  an outline for your next blog post.

If you happen to be serious enough you can also manage reviewing/reading documents, and even attend virtual meetings on the go. That’s what road warriors are all about.

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uSound – Hearing aid in a android app

Once in a while comes along an app that is hard to describe as useful for normal people but invaluable for a small select group. uSound falls into that category, it’s a free trail for 14 days, but we thought it deserved a special mention for the few folks who need hearing assistance. First of all its a paid app, but read on before you jump to conclusions. For most normal people we may never get to appreciate its usefulness. But uSound is indispensable and value for money for the hearing impaired.

Developer: Newbrick S.A.
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 3.6
Download from Google Play

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Paperplane – gorgeous travel itinerary

We haven’t seen a better looking travel plan. Pictures, landmarks, hotels, routes all picked beforehand without questions and presented with elegance. Mind you the app is still in beta, but nevertheless we gave it a spin and were impressed.

Developer: Paperplane
Category: Travel & Local
Google play Rating: new app
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ZUI Locker – elegant lock screen for android

The phone lock screen is an underutilized piece of screen estate that has been grabbing the attention of app developers from biggies like Microsoft with their Picturesque Lock Screen to many smaller dev studios  with their own interpretation of the ideal screen lock. Today we pick ZUI Locker one of the most popular and highest rated lock screens for android and put it through its paces.

ZUI Locker
Developer: ZUI Locker
Category: Personalization
Google play Rating: 4.7
Install from Google Play

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Arego Newswall a whole new way to read news and rss feeds

Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of newsfeeds and blogs that keep demanding your attention, Arego newswall seems to have found an answer. With the number of news websites and blogs exceeding a few thousands, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to spare time for every source. Newswall allows you to spread reading schedule across days or hours, for instance I can say get me photography articles on friday afternoons,  finance news on all days, sports … you get the idea. Here’s the concept explained by the developers themselves.

Arego Newswall
Developer: slidingbits
Category: Personalization
Google play Rating: 4.0
Install from Google Play

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