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The Everything List for android

We’ve been writing about everything android from games and apps to gadgets. Here is a hand crafted index of everything that we ever wrote, for your convenience. We sifted through tons of android apps, games and long form reviews to help you find our best content easily. You’ll find a list of apps by category and sorted alphabetical listings. So go ahead try it out and see if you find something interesting.

You will also find a link to the everything list in our main menu at the top.


TheAppCurators – TAC in 2016

It’s been little more than a year since we started TheAppCurators (TAC) and the world of technology has evolved at warp-speed. Apps are passé, VR is mainstream, drool-worthy phones are commonplace, so TAC evolved too. We are no longer hunting the best apps, but curating the best of the digital world for you. For those who are new to TAC, Here’s a quick recap of what we are all about and what you can expect in 2016

TheAppCurators – TAC in 2016

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The web is full of amazing products, articles, apps and content. Finding all the best things for a topic like astronomy or cycling is a hit or miss depending on how much time people are willing to spend going through search and evaluating content.
We found curated collections to be useful, if nothing a curated collection serves as a starting point for further search and discovery. We started off Briteli to curate the best content for a few selected topics based on popular web trends and people around us. A typical topic like photography will have the best (surely subjective) apps, articles and content chosen by our curators.
Give it a spin and let us know what you think.
Web version:

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The website now has a search feature. Find curated apps from the search box. The website has been gathering a following of regular users who search for useful apps through our collections and related tags. We have now added a bit of analytics and search abilities to help you find curated apps faster.


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The official Briteli release day is here!

Thanks to all our supporters the Big Day is here. Briteli is out of beta today (18th Nov 2015), the app is stable and we have some awesome curated apps available.

After 6 months in the making, 100’s of apps evaluated, 4 incremental releases, 8 curated collections, 2 people. Welcome to the Briteli official release.

By the way it’s pronounced as ‘brightly’. For those who are not familiar with Briteli, it is a different way to find useful apps on Google Play through collections.

Developer: Slidingbits
Category: Tools
Google play Rating: 4.8
Install from Google Play

Press & Media Kit is here

The human mind is way more powerful and complex than any algorithm, it really cannot be replaced by algorithms for making judgements about  usefulness of an app,  at-least not yet.

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Thank You! – app had a great start

We had an awesome start on Google Play Charts because of you. We had more than 500 installs in 2 days, a handful of 5 star ratings and we ‘re off to a great start. Currently we are on the charts in more than 16 countries.

Egypt: Tools 30 – New Free 63, 41, 46


Check your country and help us go higher! so that we can find and serve more awesome apps every week.

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Briteli app beta for android on Google Play

As you probably know we have been building quitely. A different way to find great apps on the play store. Today we have the beta version of app out on Google Play.

Get Briteli on Google Play


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We started with the simple idea of helping people discover better apps on Google Play. Some really useful and nice apps are hidden deep inside the play store and we felt there was no way for people to find them easily. Then we started, this blog, which picks out some interesting apps everyday for a profile or review.


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Who are the app curators?

Welcome! I’m Girish the founder of theappcurators and my co-founder, lovely wife and appaholic is Prasanthi

What do we do?

We review, critic, use and breathe mobile apps. TheAppCurators has reviews of apps that get into our phones and tablets.

But what is is an app discovery service and carefully curated list of awesome apps. Some of the apps that we review here get into briteli’s curated list. So is a different way to browse the app store.

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