Welcome! I’m Girish the founder of theappcurators and my co-founder, lovely wife and appaholic is Prasanthi

What do we do?

We review, critic, use and breathe mobile apps. TheAppCurators has reviews of apps that get into our phones and tablets.

We build some android apps ourselves and realize how amazingly difficult it is to get decent apps by indie developers into users hands. At the same time we kept hearing that google play users just cant find enough great apps on play store, its just too crowded.

So we set out to find an answer for both and what we have is two websites that work together.  TheAppCurators is a appreview blog of all the great content that goes through our phones . Brite.li lets users find curated apps and also discover new apps in whole new ways.

But what is brite.li?

Brite.li is an app discovery service and carefully handcrafted list of awesome apps. Some of the apps that we review here get into briteli’s curated list. Google play store has thousands of apps and very few make it into the top charts. Being android developers ourselves we thought this is a tad unfair to the tons of great apps out there. So Brite.li is a different way to browse the app store.

Can I submit my app for a review

You’re most welcome, check the developers link in the top menu

Can we reach you?

Of course you can, use our contact form in the top menu

Are you funded?

Not yet, we’re open for any embarassingly huge offers, use our contact form in the top menu