After the break we are back with next set of must listen music as we all continue to stay home and safe. We always try to pick music that’s more enjoyable than just technically perfect recordings. So if you’re not into pop, country and folk, this list might let you down.

New finds

Nobody But You – Blake Shelton [ Duet Gwen Stefani]

A lingering pop melody that keeps running in your mind. Beautiful duet with a bass track that impresses on headphones that like some thump. Nothing audiophile like as the music track is mostly busy with a lot of instruments buzzing around with hardly breathing space for fine details, but enjoy the song.

If you are new to Blake Shelton’s music, God’s Country gives you a better impression of his original pop country style.

Chasin’ You – Morgan Wallen

Beautiful guitars backing the whole song. This one is a great listen for reference quality headphones like Audeze LCD or even the humble BD 770 pro which respond great to the twangs of an acoustic guitar.

If you are new to Morgan’s music you should also try Whiskey Glasses for more classic country licks while you stay home.

Level Of Concern – Twenty One Pilot

Bright catchy melody for staying home. The music video explores a unique idea of making an official music video in quarantine. Again not an audiophile quality song, there’s a lot of post-production and heavy use of synthesizers that drowns out fine details, but just plain fun and likeable music.

Bluebird – Miranda Lambert

Another pop and country tinged song that features a good voice track and of-course an enjoyable melody. The heavy snares and revernbs build up a good artificial soundstage around you.

Drinking Alone- Carrie Underwood

Bluesy pop with a rich vocals are always a nice listen on headphones. Carrie’s voice shines on neutral headphones like the Meze 99 Classics

July – Noah Cyrus

A quiet and mellow track that shows off the soundstage with simple accompaniments. If you have noise cancelling cans, make sure you use it to block your surroundings and enjoy the song.

Orchestral Scores

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – Danish Orchestra

Ennio Morricone is known for some of the best spaghetti western themes. The Danish Orchestra does a fine job of rendering the The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. A pleasure to listen to the performance on your audiophile grade equipment. Watch out for a vocal treat at around 3:30.

The Godfather – Danish Orchestra

A timeless movie theme played to perfection by The Danish Orchestra. A very quiet piece that requires ANC if you are surrounded by family or pets at home. The mandolin lead of the main theme with the harp makes a great instrumental leading up to the crescendo.

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