Here’s the next volume of great sounding music for your ears and audio gear.

This week we pick classic pop, the latest country licks and an orchestral score that pushes the limits of your headphones and DAC AMPs while still sounding great. Of course good music is always subjective but here’s our picks

New finds

What If I Never Get Over You – Lady Antebellum

Country music’s signature style blended with Hillary Scott’s beautiful voice and a bass heavy mix makes this sweet sounding country pop that pushes most headphones dynamic range in all directions. Like the Audio Technica MSR7b which is what we are sampling now.

Standing in Motion – Hauser & Caroline Campbell

A performance that blends great music with chemistry. You can feel the arena ambience letting you explore the soundstage on good headphones or speakers that are well placed

Standing in Motion – Yanni

One of Yanni’s masterpieces performed live at the Acropolis in 1994. The rich ensemble spreads across the entire frequency spectrum to exercise your imagination and the audio equipment.

Millennial Song – Millennial Choirs & Orchestra

This recording treats your ears to a wide sound stage and an operatic orchestral score. We confess we are more of light music and mainstream pop and rock folks here but an occasional orchestral score brings out those moments of quiet and crescendo on your DACs. Give it a try

Classic Platinum that lasts forever

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Thriller is a classic album that transcends time in many ways. Apart from a controversial personal life the king of pop created a classic album that outlasts his time on earth. Quincy Jones and MJ pushed the production and audio engineers to the their limits to get out a record that sounds as great on a retro radio as it does on your HiFi

If you like any of the music listed here, do yourself a favor and get the Hi-Res copy of the albums.

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