IDUN name is particularly strange for a audio product, but effectively adds more mystery. It seems IDUN is a Norse goddess of youth and rejuvenation.


audiophile quality earphones that don’t bust your pocket



Starting with the hexagonal box that could be hiding secrets of the universe, the packaging reeks exquisiteness. The hard metallic round jewelry box offers good protection for the earphones. Its compact enough to be easily tucked away in a backpack and rugged enough to take bumps and falls


The retro looking long 1.2 metre cable is comfortable enough for use with a phone in your pocket or at home to relax on the couch with audio equipment at hands length. The cable uses 8 core copper & silver-plated cable, mixed, twisted and braided. Despite all the twists the cable is very supple and flexible and adds a certain weight to the cable to make it nicely fall onto your lap when you sit down.

Even though the braided cable appears very tough, we could see the braids untwining at the RCA plug end, not sure of durability over a year.


A variety of tips are included for different ear sizes and couple of foam tips. Needless to say a good fitting ear tip is a must for decent bass performance we were quite ok with the medium foam tips. Though you may want to swap out to comply tips later.

The earphone

We got the turquoise blue with the coral like back cover. A pearl white version also available, but the blue looks way cooler and funky. The earpiece is slightly on the larger side, but comfortable to wear for long hours, not too heavy

32 ohms impedance but loud enough even on an android phone.


2 BA and one dynamic driver makes this hybrid spruced up for good overall sound reproduction across the spectrum and the IDUN doesn’t disappoint. The quick bass decay brings out punchy percussion and drums with moderate sub-bass that doesn’t overpower the rest of the performance.

The mids and highs are where this device shines with good amount of detail and a tinge of harshness in the 8 to 10k range, nothing that bothers us but a burn in would help over time. For an IEM the sound stage is as expected, nothing that breaks out of the head but enough to discern instruments and vocal positioning in a nice recording.


One thing is clear, we don’t imagine using this on the subway, its really not meant for that purpose. But in a workplace or at home these is great audiophile quality earphones that don’t bust your pocket.