Of what use is audiophile Hi-Fi equipment if you can’t find good music to listen to.

This week we look at listen worthy music, some old and some new. The definition of good music is subjective but this what we have been listening to from a wide variety of genres.

New finds

Why did you run – Judah & the lion

The banjo, hip hop and folksy touch make it quite hard to fit this band into any genre. This foot tapping number brings out its energy on bass hungry headphones like the Audio Technica MX50

Good things fall apart – Illenium

Melodic dubstep is probably a rare occurrence. A great workout for your headphones with a sparkly acoustic guitars and overpowering percussions. The anthem feel is an add on to the catchy lyrics.

Darkness and cold – Purple mountains

A sad ending to a nice band. Try out the wide sound stage and watch
out for the harmonica.

Classic mellow gold

Rollercoaster – Everything but the girl

The classic double-bass and synth opening sets the tone for the rest of the song. A pleasure to listen on balanced IEMs like the Kinera IDUN. Infact the entire album is HiFi friendly.

If you like any of the music listed here, do yourself a favor and get the Hi-Res copy of their album.

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