A collection of talks and keynotes that paint a bright picture of whats coming in the near future. These thoughts from industry leaders give us a glimpse of where our technology giants want to take us.

This by no means is a comprehensive list, so feel free to use the comments section for your thoughts and additions.

The Precursor

The forerunner to visions painted by today’s technology giants is this talk by author and futurist Gerd Leonhard from 2017. He paints a future dominated by AI and mechanization of the living world. He also warned of a near future where humans become overly reliant on automation which in turn makes humans more machine like. Touches briefly on privacy and ethics challenges of this new world.

These ideas set the framework of our near future. Today in 2019 they manifest into visions that are achievable.

Microsoft Build Vision Keynote – 2019

Microsoft has dared to put out the most comprehensive vision for the year and proved it works in different walks of life. Using the Azure platform as the underlying framework to tie in IOT, intelligence, collaboration and insights into a future where developers build applications that seamlessly apply learnings from different domains and share information freely. Satya Nadella teases a future where users are not even aware of what application they are using but rather focus on what they want to do.

Google I/O 2019

Google wants to make search more expansive, more relevant and intelligent. The assistant seems to take center stage to help in ordering products, work across applications and be omnipresent. Some creative attempts at bringing AR into real life are also interesting but still to find a killer use case. And last but not least Google banks heavily on android and mobile products to showcase their innovation.

Amazon AWS Summit 2019

Amazon is focused on more infrastructure for faster development of business and AI applications on the cloud. AWS is all about scale volume and speed of information processing and they seem focused on the nitty grittys of on-grid infrastructure for now.

Future of Healthcare

Dr. Daniel Kraft talks about the implications of technology in healthcare. IOMT or the internet of medical things could become a reality soon where sensors and wearables are constantly relaying vital parameters and indicators for early intervention or even prevention of disease. Faster ER responses and daily prompts and guides to live a healthier life will is not far. Augmented reality to aid doctors could also become mainstream in the next few years. AI may not replace the doctor yet, but enable them to make complex decisions quickly.


So what can we users expect in the next couple of years

  • Seamless knowledge sharing across applications will become a reality
  • IOT will customize our experiences in most unexpected places
  • Mobile phones will be running native AI applications

What can developers expect

  • Cloud services will offer everything from infra to AI services
  • Expect more startups to build AI enabled applications quickly
  • Monetizing knowledge assimilation will be attractive for startups
  • Tech companies will allow access to their knowledge graphs

Topics for debate

  • Privacy and ethics will be mainstream debate topics for the next few years
  • Bigger questions will be raised on who controls knowledge co-created by us humans for tech giants

Fringe idea

  • Going offline will be a luxury that some people will want in the future

Food for thought

Peter Diamandis has been an optimistic futurist. His earlier books and media talked about the abundance of resources at low cost for the modern entrepreneurs. This one is to get us thinking about what else could be coming.

Ambition, technology, digital cash and a big population creates an unlimited wealth opportunity. This video talks about the meteoric rise of small towns in China into booming modern metropolises with the latest technological advances.