Affordable and audiophile are words that rarely go together. Meet the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro headphones, studio quality audio that doesn’t break your bank.

DT 770 pro
Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro


Build and comfort

Overall build is satisfactory, it’s a mix of plastic, metal and leather like material. The sliding adjustable ear cups can accommodate small and large head sizes. The ear cups cover the entire ear and provide good amount of sound isolation, when playing music at a moderately high volume, we could hardly hear anything happening around us.

 Reasonably priced studio quality headphones with beautiful sound detail

Sound quality

The best part is the sound quality. The DT 770 pro is a clean winner in sound detail. To really enjoy the full spectrum of sound these cans can produce you need at least a good DAC, most smartphones including apple have passable DACs. We urge you not to judge this headphone till you play flac files with a good DAC AMP. Our setup was a laptop with foobar player set to direct audio to USB and a Fiio Q1 Mark2 DAC/AMP, this is where the Beyerdynamics DT 770 really shines. Acoustic guitars sound smooth and razor sharp.

Separation between instruments in orchestral scores is great, most other headphones muddy up sounds in tracks which go from quiet to full blast like Michael Buble’s Feel. There’s plenty of bass for EDM but if you are looking for brain shaking bass, look elsewhere. The BD signature sound is more like a smooth V with a bit of harshness in the high end. But overall very balanced sound without losing out anywhere on the spectrum.


If we have to nitpick, it’s the fixed cable to the ear cups, though the cable and connector look sturdy they will eventually give. The other odd quirk is for storage, Byerdynamic could have bundled a decent case to store it, instead they provide a simple cloth pouch, and to make it worse the phones are not foldable and no they don’t even rotate.


Overall a great add-on to your home audio gear, just don’t expect portability.