An emotional and melancholic adventure game that grows on you. First of all, play this on the biggest screen possible and headphones is a must to really enjoy the game.

There are many firsts in Father and Son.


Father and Son
Developer: TuoMuseo
Category: Adventure
Google Play Rating: 4.5

To start with the game spans across ages and you can travel back and forth in time seamlessly. The game makers have used ambient sounds to transport you completely into the city-scape. The gorgeous illustrations actually reminds you of being a tourist in a European city.

The storyline captures the subtle emotions of a father who spent more time at work than with his son. The beautiful piano strains are another first for a mobile game. From Naples to Egypt this game has you traveling across time.

Overall its a beautiful experience to play the game, make sure you spend enough time to finish it.


Google Play Description

Father and Son is an adventure that takes off from the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, a cultural institution housing some of humanity’s greatest artefacts and treasures.
What begins as the story of a son who never knew his father becomes a universal and ageless tale, with the present and the past making up the setting for Michael’s travels. Seek for yourself the beauties of Naples, experience the last hours of life in Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, and explore the ordinary day-to-day life in Ancient Egypt. The past is what makes our present real.
Completion time: 50-60 minutes. Some sections of Father and Son are unlocked by checking in at the Archaeological Museum of Naples, publisher of the game.