Brainwavz seems to have nailed the essentials so well that we decided to call it a classic piece of earphones for everyday music. Read on for an in-depth review.

Brainwavz XFIT XF-200
Maker: Brainwavz

First impressions

On first unboxing the Brainwavz you get a feeling of a well made product. Anybody bundling comply foam tips must be serious enough about good music. The box mentions a 24 month warranty and enough tech specs to help us imagine crisp sound. Now lets see if it lives upto the hype.

Budget friendly well thought out package

Given the budget friendly price point its a well thought out package with a good bunch of accessories, other than the earphones itself.


If you are used to wrapping wires around your ear, the Brainwaves is no different, fits snugly in your ear and almost disappears from sight. The big advantage of this fit is the reduced cable micro-phonics and a snug fit that doesn’t fall of at the slightest movement.

Reduced cable micro-phonics and a snug fit

Sound quality

Just plugging in earphones to any source gives out a nice wide smiley sound which pleases most people. Instruments and vocals are clear with a less pronounced soundstage, nevertheless beautiful sound. The key to the best sound is good noise isolation and the comply tips go a long way.

Balanced natural sound with good noise isolation

Overall well balanced but a bit on the bassy side and slightly restrained high frequency response make this a every day use earphones. The sound signature works great for most music, but we enjoyed smooth jazz and instrumentals.

These are earphones for your commute, workout and office as they fit well with accurate reproduction, the drop in high frequency response is barely noticeable in these environments.


Six different ear tips say that the makers have put some thought into the types of people who will use the product. One of them is a comply foam tip that will adapt to your ear shape with the best noise isolation possible.

A zippered case with neat separators inside says that these earphones are meant to be carried around everywhere, and the makers have made it safe and convenient to do so.

Classic piece of earphones for everyday music


A wonderful balanced piece of earphones, from music reproduction to the fit and accessories. If you are not looking for studio monitors to be used in the quietest of environments, this is the one.