The 2017 version of the fire stick has a few surprises up its sleeve. As if a  library of movies to stream was not enough you can now find your favorite movie with your voice.

The fire stick remote now has a Alexa search button. You can also ask Alexa to dim the lights and lock the front door if you have some home automation in place.

(Note: Alexa is not yet officially launched in India, so India users can only search for movies, TV shows and apps)

Amazon Fire Stick
Maker: Amazon

From the days of tiny digitized movie clips on Apple trailers to the day when we can watch just about any movie on demand, A lot has changed.

You can literally shout out your favorite TV show name to the Alexa remote and Amazon will search their entire database to locate and play it on your living room TV instantly. This could have been a pipe dream a decade ago.

The video streaming industry’s best kept secret is variable bitrate compression. And the fire stick shines at providing good video quality with least amount of bandwidth consumption.

 You can choose content from your Prime subscription or Netflix along with a handful of free content apps. Curiously youtube is missing from the app store but there’s enough apps and content to keep us occupied for months.