We’ve been small screen fans for ages until one of us started commuting longer distances on public transport.

Though buses and trains take the traffic stress out of your life we are left with a small void of time to fill with something other than commute noise and radio chatter. Its the perfect time to reflect on the day and priorities, or take some time to chalk out  an outline for your next blog post.

If you happen to be serious enough you can also manage reviewing/reading documents, and even attend virtual meetings on the go. That’s what road warriors are all about.

The good thing about phones is that they are instantly on, best for noting down to-do lists, article outlines, email drafts and endless possibilities open up as you think about a fixed bit of time available predictably everyday. You just need a tiny bit of preparedness and planning to make the most of it.
Here’s how large screen phones actually make a difference other than gaming and browsing.

Better typing

The larger screen provides more typing area a comfortable keyboard. We found swype and gesture keyboards invaluable for long typing sessions especially as they learn your words over time.
Developer: Google Inc.
Category: Tools
Google Play Rating: 4.1
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Notes that travel with you

Nougat’s split window is such a welcome addition to comparing and referring notes as you outline your next blog post or prep your marketing slide deck. Make sure your note taking app supports both cloud and offline notes, Evernote has been a favorite with an elegant interface and plans ranging from free.
Developer: Evernote Corporation
Category: Productivity
Google Play Rating: 4.6
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Fiddling with slides

Its not a bad idea to start putting together a slide flow as you commute. Once you have the core content in place, its just a matter of time at the desktop to give it finishing touches
Google Slides
Developer: Google Inc.
Category: Productivity
Google Play Rating: 4.2
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Numbers crunchers

We don’t do much crunching on the go, but we do play around with expenses and budgets on the go.

Right to be entertained

And then of course we have entertainment like Amazon prime, YouTube channels, video blogs and Ted talks.
Developer: TED Conferences LLC
Category: Education
Google Play Rating: 4.6
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Big screen phones

The best big screen phones around. Varies by taste and features, but most people agree that the following are the best of the breed if you can shell out the big bucks.
Samsung S7 Edge
Maker: Samsung
Model: Galaxy S7 Edge
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> Pixel XL

How-to get rid of noise in your commute?

Noise cancelling headphones have been around for while, but it’s only now that we are starting to get extreme value out of them. Especially the tiny Bose qc20i small enough to be pocketable and really the best noise reduction available on a noisy commute.
> Bose QC20i