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February 2017

18 fresh & new android apps for February

We stumble across new apps every week. Many of them may not be chart-busters but noteworthy and interesting nevertheless. This month we showcase the best of the new and notable apps from the last 30 days. With no further delay, check the February list below:

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Do large screen phones mean more productivity?

We’ve been small screen fans for ages until one of us started commuting longer distances on public transport.

Though buses and trains take the traffic stress out of your life we are left with a small void of time to fill with something other than commute noise and radio chatter. Its the perfect time to reflect on the day and priorities, or take some time to chalk out  an outline for your next blog post.

If you happen to be serious enough you can also manage reviewing/reading documents, and even attend virtual meetings on the go. That’s what road warriors are all about.

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