Remember spending hours with coloring books and crayons as kids? though we were not yet artists, we could definitely appreciate nice pictures. Coloring books are like the instant noodles of the art world, there’s a nice sketch with clear lines and all we have to do is fill it with color. And then show off the masterpiece to friends and family.

Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book
Developer: Blue Dream Apps
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 3.8

In a way the idea of relaxation for an adult is no different, we need an easy way to use creativity for a short burst of time. Enter adult coloring book with mesmerizing patterns and Zen like images. Fill those beautiful patterns and shapes with colors, each one could take 15 minutes and you can then sit back and appreciate your creativity with a pat on your back.

Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book is one such app. Choose from a wide variety of sketches from owls, dreamland to patterns. Select a color palette and touch an area to fill. There’s an undo button to back track. It’s simple and fun. We give it a thumbs up and must try.

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Google Play Description

Stress Relief Adult Color Book uses the healing power of art in a research driven therapeutic science to reduce stress by coloring. Research shows that coloring has various therapeutic benefits.

This adult coloring book app has a wide variety of amazing, intricately detailed images. As you color an image, you would feel your stress and anxiety gradually fading away. Your brain calms down and you become more mindful.

App Features:

1. This stress relief coloring app has beautiful galleries of:

DREAMLAND [ . . .]

2. It has a rich color palette of lots of colors, with each color having a number of shades.

3. Zoom and scroll the images smoothly with your fingers while coloring.

4. Use the “Undo” feature to undo your previous coloring actions, if needed.

5. After coloring an image, you can save your artwork within the app and also download it in the Gallery of your device. Even if you don’t save an image after coloring, the app will save it automatically. So, there’s no risk of losing your work.

6. You can share your art on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp and more.

7. Get inspired by looking at the artworks of the “Inspiration” section.

8. The app has a “Help” section explaining the use of different operation keys for your convenience.
This research tested app offers the following therapeutic benefits:

It has the potential to lower down anxiety, create focus, and increase mindfulness.

Similar to meditation, this anti stress coloring app allows you to switch off your brain from other thoughts and focus on the moment, thereby helping to remove free-floating anxiety.

Since coloring involves the use of both creativity and logic, the analytical side as well as the creative side of your brain are activated when coloring.

Stress relief games and coloring games like this app, spark your creativity. Coloring makes adults more creative in their job, analytical thinking activities, and various realms of work and play.

This colour therapy game trains the mind to concentrate better, relax and reset. Research shows that coloring can help adults attain academic and career success, and encourage them to deliver innovative work performance.

Colouring is also a great way to exercise your fine motor skills.

Filling colors in the images of the app removes your focus from negative habits and issues, and lets you focus in a productive and safe way.

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The “prescription” of coloring for adults originated from the great psychologist Carl Jung, who considered coloring to be highly effective and helpful for human mind. Ben Michaelis, a clinical psychologist, says that coloring is a peaceful activity, which creates relaxing effects on the amygdala – the brain’s fear center. Filling colors in coloring books for adults lets your mind receive the rest it requires.
Stress Relief Adult Color Book can provide you the relaxation and peace you have always longed for. Experience calmness, tranquility, and enhance your emotional and mental well-being by making coloring a part of your day-to-day life.