– curated web, gets into open beta.
The web is full of amazing products, articles, apps and content. Finding all the best things for a topic like astronomy or cycling is a hit or miss depending on how much time people are willing to spend going through search and evaluating content.
We found curated collections to be useful, if nothing a curated collection serves as a starting point for further search and discovery. We started off Briteli to curate the best content for a few selected topics based on popular web trends and people around us. A typical topic like photography will have the best (surely subjective) apps, articles and content chosen by our curators.
Give it a spin and let us know what you think.
Web version:

We also plan to introduce user collections as soon as possible. Meanwhile if you find the idea interesting,
shout out to your circles and share the message. We’d like to hear as many opinions and criticisms as possible.
You can also read the story of how the service evolved and where its heading.