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February 2016

Channels – A social bulletin board with geo tags

Channels brings a unique social experience to localized information. A channel is a stream of information about a place, event or just about any topic with added geo tags.

Like a social bulletin board for people having common interests in a place or just any topic with information and snippets. Imagine wanting to visit a ballgame and running through the channel to see people posting about tickets, maybe some player selfies and latest parking updates anybody?

Developer: Renaissance Labs
Category: Social
Google Play Rating: 4.0
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The web is full of amazing products, articles, apps and content. Finding all the best things for a topic like astronomy or cycling is a hit or miss depending on how much time people are willing to spend going through search and evaluating content.
We found curated collections to be useful, if nothing a curated collection serves as a starting point for further search and discovery. We started off Briteli to curate the best content for a few selected topics based on popular web trends and people around us. A typical topic like photography will have the best (surely subjective) apps, articles and content chosen by our curators.
Give it a spin and let us know what you think.
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