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January 2016

January – 36 Android apps that matter

We have been reviewing and curating apps for our curated apps discovery service for more than 6 months now. Every month we stumble upon useful apps, some popular, some undiscovered and some that are fresh arrivals. Without much delay check out the January showcase below. – This blog where we review apps – The curated app discovery service we are building

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Bluelight Filter – do phone screens affect sleep pattern ?

The answer to that is a resounding yes. All those gadgets that we tend to use emit more light in the blue end of the visible spectrum, which is proven to have an effect on sleep pattern. So is there a way around? thankfully there are a few apps that apply a filter on the overall display and reduce blue light.

Blue light filters are must have apps for late night reading and texting. Of course you can turn them off in the mornings when the light levels do not matter. We’ve been using Bluelight Filter for months now and heartily recommend it as a simple addon to protect your eyes. Think of them as the digital equivalent of wearing sunglasses. – TheAppCurators

Bluelight Filter
Developer: Hardy-infinity
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 4.3

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The website now has a search feature. Find curated apps from the search box. The website has been gathering a following of regular users who search for useful apps through our collections and related tags. We have now added a bit of analytics and search abilities to help you find curated apps faster.


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Space Jet – Online 3D space shooter

Games rarely get a mention here, but once in a while comes along an exception. SpaceJet is one such rarity. The plot is a space war, flying through endless space, mysterious tunnels and shooting down futuristic crafts and objects. The smooth graphics, and adrenaline pumping action really had us hooked for a while, with a well-chosen soundtrack to keep up the speed. We’ve not come across a more gorgeous space shooter so far. A thumbs up for the folks who made it. The only hitch is the game requires an internet connection through out.  – TheAppCurators

Developer: Extreme Developers
Category: Simulation
Google Play Rating: 4.3

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Cubeit – shareable social cards and bookmarks

Decades ago the idea of sharing baseball player cards was accepted so well that crept into every sport. Today we see as an intuitive way to share information from business cards to cricket and social media. Thats right, the digital twitter card brought the phenomenon onto apps and web. The next time you want to share  a nice product on product hunt or kickstarter try creating a shareable social card with cubeit. You can build collections, save bookmarks and share them. A very neat app that takes an ugly url and builds a proper informative card. If you are a social animal that regularly shares content on social apps, you must give it a try. – TheAppCurators

Category: Productivity
Google Play Rating: 4.7

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Pixiz – easy photo effects and filter

If you just returned with a boatload of pictures from your vacation, Pixiz will help you add a few quick filters and effects to share memories with your friends and family. There are a number of photo editing apps and Pixiz is all about selecting a predefined combination of frames effects and filters for quick sharing.  Give it a try if you enjoy twiddling with photos, Pixiz aims to provide instant gratification. – TheAppCurators

Category: Photography
Google Play Rating: 4.7

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