2016 will be the coming of age for Virtual Reality with loads of hardware and apps in the making. VR was once confined to labs and geekdom, fortunately Google cardboard made virtual reality accessible to everyone in 2015.

What better way to end the year than building a list of the best VR apps of 2015.

This year VR went mainstream with lots of apps. Some of the simplest VR apps were the most enjoyable. For a start, watching youtube in the cardboard viewer was as good as a private theater. The all familiar Seene was beautifully adapted to Google cardboard making 3D photos real 3D. Lamper was another smooth game which had us racing along. Cosmic roller coaster a fantasy roller coaster ride across the cosmos, complete with an orbiting space station. What took the cake was Titans of Space, if this app is any indication of what future education could look like, we can only say that exciting is a mild word.

Check The VR app collection on Brite.li  App.

(Mind you the experience is even more awesome on the app)

collection4Cardboard Design Lab
educational and immersive journey through virtual reality
VR Cosmic Roller Coaster
Roller coaster ride through cosmos complete with a space station
A soothing virtual location to view the lantern festival
Share the world around you in life like 3D
Titans of Space
The ultimate guided tour of our solar system and a little beyond


Tuscany HD VR
A virtual walk around Tuscany in HD.

Lamper VR

You get to fly as a small bug in a huge VR world