For some making music is as natural as humming, for the rest there is a huge post production industry. Lets say you are stuck somewhere in between, apps have come to the rescue.

From simple loops to 8 track recorders we have them all for phones and tablets. And they pack some serious punches to make an entire album from your mobile device, if you have the musician spirit and a tweaker streak.

From programmable drum machines to live piano playing there’s an app available. We weened the useful ones out, but let us know if we missed your favorite.

Check out the apps below.

Check The Making Music app collection on

(Mind you the experience is even more awesome on the Briteli app)



Caustic 3
music creation tool inspired by rackmount synthesizers.
Music Maker Jam
If music loops sounds familiar, you probably know everything you need to create a beautiful masterpiece using Music Maker Jam
Walk Band
the name sounds like garage band and they come pretty close to that on android
Easy to play virtual piano with instructions and different instruments
Real Guitar
One of the realistic guitar simulators on android
Music Studio
A relatively new app in the pattern based music making scene but does well
G-Stomper Rhythm
step sequencer based drum machine. Designed to creat your own beats
Easy voice recorder
Not essentially a music tool, but very useful to capture a voice melody quickly
EasyBand Lite
Another sequence based player with multi track recording