Once in a while comes along an app that is hard to describe as useful for normal people but invaluable for a small select group. uSound falls into that category, it’s a free trail for 14 days, but we thought it deserved a special mention for the few folks who need hearing assistance. First of all its a paid app, but read on before you jump to conclusions. For most normal people we may never get to appreciate its usefulness. But uSound is indispensable and value for money for the hearing impaired.

Developer: Newbrick S.A.
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 3.6
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Hearing aids are expensive, run out of batteries frequently and not that easy to change and tune without expert interference. We happen to know a hearing impaired person who tried it out and left VERY impressed.

Most hearing aids use sophisticated audio spectrum analysis and equalization based on audiometry data. uSound gives you a free audiometry test report and (probably) uses the data to tune the audio response of the headphones. The result is an amplification of voice frequencies and suppression of sudden and background noises.

Some of the main features are voice optimization, which enhances voice frequencies and cuts out (meaning does not amplify) most of the other noises. You can turn it on for conversations and off for listening to music or complex soundscapes. The app also supports 3 different modes of noise suppression like home, noisy outdoors and group/multiple people in a conversation.

The main drawback is the experience  is determined by the quality of the headphones in use and lacks some practicality for outdoor use as you have to carry the phone around you.

But, our test subject preferred to use the app and phone combo at home while at a desk as he experienced better amplification than his hearing aid and enjoyed listening to music much better than a hearing aid. The aesthetics and practicality of a miniature hearing aids is undeniably better in outdoor and public life.

Overall really useful app, the price for this app is really value for money when compared to hearing aids that cost atleast 30 times more.

– TheAppCurators

Google Play Description

uSound – Optimized hearing, created to help people with hearing loss or hearing impairment and for lovers of finely optimized music . It possess similar features to a high-end digital hearing aid, in addition it incorporates extra functionalities that make this app unique.

1. Hearing Test: has a precision rate over 95% when compared with a standard professional audiometer.
2. Listening Mode: Captures the sounds of conversations, analyzes them based on the hearing test result and then compensates the sounds to the user’s hearing level in real time (in the same way a hearing prosthesis does).
3. Music player: Analyzes music based in the hearing test and then compensates it to the user’s hearing level.

Extra features:

1. Personalized filters: personalized audio filters that allow a better sound quality in different environment settings.
2. Medical audiometry: you can to enter a medical audiometry into the app, this allows for a 100% precision in the sound adjustments.
Note 1: For every purchased license, Newbrick S.A. donates another one to people in need of a hearing aid that cannot afford to buy one.

Note 2: This app is the outcome of 2 years of an investigation, which right now it transiting the process of medical certifications and patenting.