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November 2015

Music Maker Jam – android music suite

If music loops sounds familiar, you probably know everything you need to create a beautiful masterpiece using Music Maker Jam. With online access to thousands of ready to use loops and a full array of controls to add your own sequences its a pleasure to use. You’ll need a large phone screen or tablet to make best use of the controls and a fairly powerful phone to have glitch free performance. – TheAppCurators

music maker
Music Maker Jam
Developer: MAGIX Audio GmbH
Category: Tools
Google Play Rating: 4.4
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PHHHOTO – shoot dynamic animated photos

Phhhoto, no thats not spellcheck gone bad, PHHHOTO is a unique photography app to shoot animated photos like those quirky gifs floating around on the internet. The pictures don’t take up too much space like videos but at the same time capture the dynamism of the moment. A kind of fun and cool combination of movement and photography. Try it out on your social media community.  – TheAppCurators

Developer: PHHHOTO INC.
Category: Social
Google Play Rating: 4.5
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uSound – Hearing aid in a android app

Once in a while comes along an app that is hard to describe as useful for normal people but invaluable for a small select group. uSound falls into that category, it’s a free trail for 14 days, but we thought it deserved a special mention for the few folks who need hearing assistance. First of all its a paid app, but read on before you jump to conclusions. For most normal people we may never get to appreciate its usefulness. But uSound is indispensable and value for money for the hearing impaired.

Developer: Newbrick S.A.
Category: Health & Fitness
Google Play Rating: 3.6
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NetX – discover your network devices

Who said discovering your network devices has to be boring. We’re talking of the geeky terminal views with MAC addresses and crypto keys. NetX shows a visual view of discoverable network devices around you. You can also sniff out wifi networks and devices, attach a nice icon to remember what the device is and fetch basic information like channel, ip address, OS and other details.A useful tool to study your network layout and devices. – TheAppCurators

Developer: NetGEL
Category: Tools
Google Play Rating: 4.5
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Medium – brings elegant publishing to phones

Who hasn’t  heard of Medium? radically simple and elegant for self publishing. But what really sets it apart from the blogs of yore is the absolute focus on content and never on the visuals and templates.

The latest avatar of Medium for android brings the same experience to your phones. We left very impressed with the simplicity, all the white space makes you think of what you want to write about rather than how to make it eye grabbing.

If you are more of a reader, fret not, there’s an amazing variety of content available every day. If you still haven’t stumbled across Medium, we recommend you try it out. – TheAppCurators

Developer: A Medium Corporation
Category: Social
Google Play Rating: 4.5
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Astronomy apps on android for stargazers

The magic of the stars never ceases to amaze us. Whether you are an astronomer or a casual stargazer, spending hours on cold winter nights staring at the sky is a world wide phenomenon.

Earlier we used to turn to books and printed sky maps to find our way across the night skies. We now have technology aiding us to locate any object or constellation in the sky. Even learning about astronomy has become more fun and easier with apps. Here is a list of the finest android apps for astronomy and stargazing.

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android app collections
android app collections

Caustic 3 – creating music on android

The non-android camps have traditionally been leading in music creation apps, but not any more. One of the best music making apps for android just got even better. Caustic 3 is a complete music studio for android. All the way from creating loops to sequencing your next big chemical hit, Caustic 3 can do them all. – TheAppCurators

making music on android

Caustic 3

Developer: Single Cell Software
Category: Music & Audio
Google play Rating: 4.3
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Floatify – better android notifications

Android notifications have made big leaps from ice cream sandwich onwards. The Google apps themselves make great use of these with quick actions and context enabled information. What about the tons of other apps that want to notify you about the something important, did they consider quick actions? Floatify seems to be a nice answer to pull all the app notifications into one useful and uniform quick actions interface. Definitely worth a try out. – TheAppCurators

better android notifications


Developer: Jawomo
Category: Personalization
Google play Rating: 4.2
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9 awesome reading apps for ebooks, news and RSS feeds

reading apps for android
reading just never went out of fashion

One thing that never seems to go out of fashion since the Gutenberg press is reading. Even in the modern age of screen lust reading has transitioned smoothly to its digital form. Though ebook readers and apps have never completely replaced the printed book, they still occupy a slot in a commuters bag or in a travel kit. We rounded up the best reading apps for android called the ‘reading list’. Whether you read news or literature there is an app to give you the best experience. We have been building these app collections for different interest areas on

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android app collections
android app collections

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