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August 2015

Seene – lifelike 3D photos on phone

Ever wanted to peek around a photo, or take lifelike 3D photos that pop out of your phone. Seene lets you capture multiple angles of a scene and then other people can see a picture from any angle in 3D. If you had a viewmaster as a kid, Seene is the app to relive those moments, but the pictures are your own and not that of mickey mouse.

Developer: Seene
Category: Photography
Google play Rating: 3.9
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Hello Pal – speak a foreign language in minutes

If you’re like most people you barely have time to learn one language, but you would pick up a new language if you could learn on the go. Hello Pal brings in realtime learning by helping you chat with users across the world in audio clips.

Hello Pal
Developer: Hello Pal
Category: Social
Google play Rating: new app
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Chirp – novel way to share

Once in a while there comes along an idea thats so bizzarre and yet surprisingly useful, Chirp is one of them.  Anything you wish to share is converted into a sound byte that you chirp across to phones and people around you. Did you just chirp your party pic? Something like a hyperlocalized twitter on sound waves.

Developer: Animal Systems
Category: Communication
Google play Rating: new app
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