Lollipop made big improvements with notifications and we thought it was really hard to make it any better until we came across Ticklr. This tiny app makes notifications color coded, can wake up the screen if you need it, control text speed and leave you room for more customizations. Its slick and brings very useful features to a seemingly simple notifications area. – TheAppCurators

Developer: Silver Finger Software
Category: Personalization
Google play Rating: 4.1
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Google Play Description:


Ticklr provides ticker notifications for Android Lollipop users

■ Features :
• Ticker notifications for each app
• Custom colors
• Disable heads-up notifications, automatically disable system heads-up notifications
• Ticker on lockscreen
• Wake the screen for a short time when receiving a notification
• Low battery usage
• Material design
• Automatic color for each app (PRO)
• Custom settings for each app (PRO)
• More settings, max lines, scroll speed, … (PRO)