We haven’t seen a better looking travel plan. Pictures, landmarks, hotels, routes all picked beforehand without questions and presented with elegance. Mind you the app is still in beta, but nevertheless we gave it a spin and were impressed.

Developer: Paperplane
Category: Travel & Local
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Half the fun of vacations is paperplane2planning the trip. Instead of spending endless hours scraping the web for great ideas, Paperplan has a list of popular destinations with itenary recommendations. Right now the choices are limited but its easy to imagine loving this app when the rest of the world is made available

The idea behind the app is to specify itenary preferences and a budget, like do you prefer a jam-packed sightseeing day on a budget, or a more relaxed holiday with no limits. We just wish there was more customizing options for a given day and better ways of choosing what is a must visit in the plan.

We gave the app a rough time with a local city itenapaperplanery, Paperplane did manage to get some nice hotel recomendations and a route plan for the day. We did not yet try the reservation and payment mechanisms, but we did leave impressed with the glorious looking itenary.

Now if we could only print our itenary to hang on our cubicle walls, that should get some coworker envy for free.

An app to watch out for, and if you live in the USA there’s some great travel ideas to try out already.