If your to-do list nags you every minute, Shifu is the app to help you out. Being context aware, location aware, device status aware, helps Shifu to know when to prompt and when to just stay quiet. You can snooze incoming calls, and the app will remind you to call back.

Developer: The Signals
Category: Personalization
Google play Rating: 4
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An interesting battery manager tries to predict how much more you’ll need and prompts you to charge. You can also add a task for a specific wifi zone. Overall a very interesting concept that can go far but Google Now cant be far behind. – TheAppCurators

Google Play Description:


Shifu is a context aware personal assistant for your smartphone. Think of Shifu as a smart task/ To Do list which learn from your usage pattern, anticipates your need and surface right Apps , Contacts , Information,tasks to you without you having to search them in phone . Shifu makes these recommendations based on your context: usage history , your location, the time of day, your individual preference.Shifu enable your phone understand and adopt according to you and make it truly personalized.
Key Feature :

★ Call Prediction : We call our colleagues during day, spouse in evening , Friend and Family on Weekend. But our phone books don’t understand and adopt based on time and context. Shifu anticipates who you are most likely to call at any given point of time during the day and keep these contacts in notification bar so that you can access them immediately without having to search in phone book.

★ Call Snooze :Don’t reject calls,snooze them. No more keeping track of missed calls you need to return. Shifu will find the right time when you are free to call back and it will pop up the contact before you to make the call without having to search in call logs.

★ Smart Battery Alerts : Shifu analyzes your battery consumption habit and reminds you to charge your phone well ahead of time. It predicts how much battery you are going to use in next few hours and remind you to charge so that you are always prepared.

★ On Call Reminder : Ever wanted to talk to a friend about something but forget to bring it up when you guys actually talked ? With Shifu you can create alerts which will remind you of it whenever you are on call next time.

★ Location Based / Geo Fencing Alert: You can create tasks that will show up only when you are around a certain location.

★ Wi-Fi Based Alert: You can create tasks linked to a Wifi network.

★ App Installation Alert : Using multiple android device and having difficulty in keep same set of applications on both devices ? Shifu can help. If you install an app on one of the device App installation alert will remind you to install it on other devices too . Keeping all your devices on same apps .