Want to challenge your friends to make their ugliest selifie or take a video of levitation in thin air? Challenged lets you do just that. A community of people challenging each other with creative video challenges. Challenged is still in beta but already has a big community of challengers. The app lets you browse, like and comment on challenges, of course you can always create a new challenge for friends and public to try out.

challenged Challenged – beta Developer: Social Bet Inc Category: Lifestyle Google play Rating: 4.9 Install from Google Play

There are options for celebrities and brands to post public challenges and rewards, yet to see how this works out but a good contender for Facebook contests and other polling tools. Challenged wants to build a global community of challengers and social challenges. Very interesting take on social interaction and worth some time to explore  – TheAppCurators

Google Play Description: Challenged Challenged is an app driven by community to house the massive social challenges we find all over the Web. Create and participate in video challenges of any kind with your friends, celebrities, charities, brands and influencers. Spark a movement, share it with others and watch it grow!  Know Issues: – Sharing to social networks, Private Challenges, Notifications are disabled – Profile picture: some pictures may still cause issues – Edit profile screen is not working properly – Android Back button not fully implemented – UI may not look great on larger screens – Scrolling really, really fast on the newsfeed will cause stutters – Memory leaks (may cause app to crash after time) Got feedback? email support@challengedapp.com