What do you get if you invert tetris, add a math puzzle and mixup tiny cute monsters. Check out The Numsters, the vivid colorful designs and a dose of math puzzles makes this game very addictive. You get to match moving number monsters before they hit the roof. Sometimes the games tend to be really short, maybe a time extension monster would be of help. The game is kid friendly and a pleasure to play, give it a spin, its free. – TheAppCurators

The Numsters
Developer: Zydapp
Category: Puzzle
Google play Rating: new app
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Google Play Description:

The Numsters

Four cute little monsters crashed on Earth during a trip into outer space. Their spaceship was seriously damaged during impact and now they do not know how to get back home. Many people seem interested in the monsters, because of some mysterious powers they seem to have. Among them, the evil Bean Man, who wants to attract them with his antigravity beam and bring them to a secret place where he can carry out his terrible experiments.

But not all is lost!

Create sequences of Numsters with consecutive numbers, identical numbers or make sums. Only you can save them from the clutches of evil Bean Man. But be fast!
If The Numsters reach the top of the screen the game will be over. And by then you will want to play another game.

The Numsters is a numerical puzzle game that requires no maths skills, but only speed and desire to have fun.
Highly addictive, original, innovative, completely FREE!

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