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June 2015

Stop Motion Studio – make your own animation

Over the last decade stop motion animation has made big inroads into feature-length movies like  Chicken Run and Fantastic Mr.Fox. What if you wanted to make a short of your own without a big movie budget. There’s an app for that! Stop Motion Studio lets you shoot your own animated adventure or short.

You’ll need a tripod and a fixture for your phone and then its as simple as hitting the record button. As the director inside you starts to shine the app lets you add layers and effects, imagine  static background and a moving layer of fish.

Stop Motion Studio
Developer: Cateater
Category: photography
Google play Rating: 3.8
Install from Google Play

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Radio FM – Streaming FM radio

As technology advances there are not many radios left but FM talk radio and music channels remain a favorite. There is nothing better than a carefully selected juke box of music played for you with little bit of RJ chatter. Radio FM brings that to your phone.

A beautiful catalogue like gallery allows you to browse popular radio channels from across countries. There is a neat and simple interface to discover new stations by genre, mood and a few other filters.

Radio FM
Developer: Tasmanic Editions
Category: Music & Audio
Google play Rating: 3.8
Install from Google Play

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Lenka – black & white art camera

The world we live in is so filled with incredible colors, oversaturated displays and huge screens that the art of simple inspiring black and white photography is almost forgotten.

The play of shadows and light is something that most photographers miss out because of the huge settings and tweaks available on most camera apps. Lenka is a black & white photography app that’s dedicated for a purpose.

Developer: ABOSCH
Category: Photography
Google play Rating: 4.3
Install from Google Play

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Stellio Music Player

Digital music and mp3 have been around for ages, Yet ask an audiophile about the quality of music playback and there’s always a smirk. Android music and media players have matured to a point of wiping that smirk off. Stellio leads the pack with a huge amount of customizations. Starting from the 12 band eq all the way to special effects like reverb and flange. Stellio brings the experience and playback quality of expensive music equipment into the phone with these tweaks.

Stellio Music player
Developer: Stellio Team
Category: Music & Audio
Google play Rating: 4.6
Install from Google Play

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We started with the simple idea of helping people discover better apps on Google Play. Some really useful and nice apps are hidden deep inside the play store and we felt there was no way for people to find them easily. Then we started, this blog, which picks out some interesting apps everyday for a profile or review.


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WordBrain – word game for android

At first looks WordBrain is an elegantly designed board game with simple large letters to find hidden words, makes you wonder how difficult can it be.

The simplicity is deceptive and helps in focusing on the letters. You slide your finger around the letter jumble to form a hidden word and the puzzle collapses. As you break each word like a champ the words get tougher and there are 580 levels per language,

Developer: MAG Interactive
Category: Word
Google play Rating: 4.3
Install from Google Play

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Farmfirst India

The agriculture business community in India is probably at the bottom of the list for innovative technology uses, But Farmfirst wants to change that. Farmfirst aims to connect the buyer and seller of Agriculture produce.

The trusted marketplace is an online community of wholesale agriculture products sellers and buyers.

Farmfirst India
Developer: Farmfirst india
Category: Business
Google play Rating: new app
Install from Google Play

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IR Universal Remote for android

Many phones come with infra-red ports and IR universal Remote turns your infra-red equipped phone into a universal remote for many gadgets. Be it a television, stereo or any gadget, you could use your phone as a remote control.  The app can automatically get IR codes from IRUDB™ database for hundreds of devices. Though we haven’t played much with this app, this is one of the most highly rated IR apps on play store. – TheAppCurators

IR Universal Remote
Developer: WaveSpark
Category: Tools
Google play Rating: 4.1 stars
Install from Google Play

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Player FM Podcast app

Podcasts continue to grow with great topics and non-mainstream media information. The podcasting revolution opened up many interesting  podcasts and topics that are difficult to keep track. Player FM does a great job of helping to  discover new podcasts with a podcasts directory and in staying subscribed to a show.

A beautiful curated catalog of podcasts presented in material design make it a breeze to find your favorite show or host.

Player FM
Developer: Player FM
Category: News & Magazines
Google play Rating: 4.3
Install from Google Play

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