Virtual reality and new media experiences have been catching on like wildfire since Facebook got interested in Oculus Rift. The drawback of the Oculus promise has been the non availability of the device and potentially high cost.

Google set out to solve that problem with Google Cardboard, all you need is a 5 inch phone and some patience to cutout and build your own cardboard, well if you are running short on time you can buy a ready-made one too. Dont be misled by the simplicity, it’s quite an immersive experience.

Cardboard Design Lab
Developer: Google Inc.
Category: Libraries & Demo
Google Play Rating: 4.7
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There are a handful of great cardboard apps to try out . Google’s own cardboard design labs demos all that can be expected from the cardboard virtual reality experience.


Google Play Description:

Cardboard Design Labs

Enjoy an educational and immersive journey through principles for developing virtual reality experiences. Designing great user experiences in virtual reality is considerably different than designing for traditional 2D form factors. Virtual reality introduces a new set of physiological and ergonomic considerations to inform your design work.

VR Design Principles Covered
1. Using a Reticle
2. UI Depth & Eye Strain
3. Using Constant Velocity
4. Keeping the User Grounded
5. Maintaining Head Tracking
6. Guiding with Light
7. Leveraging Scale
8. Spatial Audio
9. Gaze Cues
10. Make it Beautiful

To fully enjoy this app you’ll need a viewer that works with Google Cardboard. Learn more and get your own Cardboard viewer at Share your experience through our Google+ community at

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