The world we live in is so filled with incredible colors, oversaturated displays and huge screens that the art of simple inspiring black and white photography is almost forgotten.

The play of shadows and light is something that most photographers miss out because of the huge settings and tweaks available on most camera apps. Lenka is a black & white photography app that’s dedicated for a purpose.

Developer: ABOSCH
Category: Photography
Google play Rating: 4.3
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Quite simple to use, probably deliberately kept simple, the idea is to capture the play of light with the right amount of contrast in black and white. Suddenly the world and ideas of Ansel Adams and Leica starts swirling in your mind as you look at the world in black and white.

There are a few settings to adjust contrast and brightness. If you miss the full frame photography world, that’s included too. A relative new app on Google play, Lenka could do with a few more tweaks like HDR and overblown exposure settings. Otherwise has potential to bring focus back into B&W photography. – TheAppCurators

Google Play Description:


Lenka is a remarkably simple yet powerful, dedicated black & white camera app developed in France by world-renowned photographer Kevin Abosch ( for professionals & amateurs alike, to create beautiful black & white photographs.


– Realtime “What you see is what you get” preview as you shoot.

– Pinch screen to switch from rectangular “full frame” format to square format.

– Toggle between auto and manual tap to focus by tapping the “AF” button on the control panel.

– Adjust contrast manually with control slider.

– Subtle cooler/warmer Temperature Tint control slider.

– Option to take photo by pressing volume buttons.

– Edit photos (crop/rotate) and share via email or messenger and to Facebook and Twitter.

– Export photos to Instagram! (Must have Instagram on your device for this feature)

– Tap the lightbulb icon to illuminate your subjects with constant light (not flash)

Lenka does not allow for flash photography or the use of your front facing camera. These are creative decisions which speak to our artistic philosophy.