Many phones come with infra-red ports and IR universal Remote turns your infra-red equipped phone into a universal remote for many gadgets. Be it a television, stereo or any gadget, you could use your phone as a remote control.  The app can automatically get IR codes from IRUDB™ database for hundreds of devices. Though we haven’t played much with this app, this is one of the most highly rated IR apps on play store. – TheAppCurators

IR Universal Remote
Developer: WaveSpark
Category: Tools
Google play Rating: 4.1 stars
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Google Play Description:

IR Universal Remote

IR Universal Remote™ turns your phone into a real universal remote. Use your phone’s built-in IR Blaster to control infra-red devices such as your TV, Cable Box, Satellite, DVD, DVR, and much more. A phone or tablet with a built-in IR Blaster is required. This application has thousands of supported manufacturer models with hundreds of thousands of different IR remote codes and is continuously growing in supported devices. This is one of the most universal applications in Google Play. Whether your kids have lost the TV remote or you just want to turn up the game at the bar you can always use your phone.

Great news! IR Universal Remote has been rebuilt from the ground up. You can continue to use this app or view my apps section to get the new app. Don’t worry! Upgrades made in this app automatically carry over to the new app. Likewise if you upgrade in the new app then this app will automatically be upgraded. This app will continue to be supported for a while. The new app supports Tablets better and also supports HTC devices running Android 5.0.1+

Galaxy S6 supported, I am pleased to say the best universal remote application in Google Play now supports the Galaxy S6 phone.

Money Back Guarantee! – This is a free application with extra features that can be unlocked for a one time only in-app upgrade. If for any reason you would like a refund from your in-app upgrade then send an email with your order number to Your order number is automatically emailed to you after the in-app purchase is made. Any refund request made within 1 month of purchase will be granted. Guaranteed! You can also email if you would just like some help.

Free Features:
*View and use all IR-codes/buttons in the IRUDB™ database.

*Use (Quick) TV, Cable, Satellite, DVD, Blu-ray, and Air Conditioner remotes with GUI.

*Create a single Saved Remote.

*Button vibration (Saved Remote).

*Press and hold buttons to send repeat commands (Saved Remote).

*Save Custom Remotes from the IR databases (Saved Remote).

*Change remote backgrounds (pre-set and custom images)(Saved Remote).

*Edit button texts (Saved Remote).

*Edit button IR signal. (Saved Remote).

*Change button backgrounds (pre-set and custom images).

*Adjust button sizes.

*Adjust button positions (drag & drop + fine tune button positions).

Upgraded Features:
*All ads removed.

*Create unlimited Saved Remotes.

*Quickly create Saved Remotes from the (Quick) TV, Cable, Satellite, DVD, and Blu-ray remotes.

*Share custom Saved Remotes

*Download shared custom Saved Remotes

*Widgets unlocked.

*Manually input IR codes not found in the IR databases (copy & paste)

**Read and save codes from physical remote(s) – (HTC ONLY!)

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