An unusual communication app where you can leave messages that will self destruct, or send secure private messages to your contacts. The app lets you create messages that can be read once, add expiry time or simple send private messages that can be read only by your preferred contacts. Dizappear is relatively new on the app store but very interesting. So if you have secret message that needs to be destroyed after reading or an important tipoff that will expire in a few moments, Dizappear seems to be the right tool – TheAppCurators

Developer: Dizappear Inc.
Category: Communication
Google play Rating: 5 stars
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Dizappear is the first smart messaging application fully ephemeral!

Compose texts like never before and rediscover freedom of speech :

– Time sensitive : Your texts will self-destruct if they are not read at the relevant chosen time.
– Off the record : your texts can only be read once + No screenshot
– To all your contacts : your friends don’t need to have the app to read your ephemeral messages
– With no more mistakes : you can cancel your messages until they are read + we notify you when they’ve been read (or not)

That’s how we, at dizappear, don’t give a chance to regrets :

– No more proof
– No more your ex reading a 3am text from you at 10 am
– No more meticulously text analysis from your ex either
– No more drama with sending a text to the wrong person